During Gioia Fiorito's two manias her biggest dreams and darkest nightmares became reality. At full speed she became an unstoppable force of nature with a unique perception of the world around her. Now, ten years later, she lives a regular life, but not without the magnificence of her imagination. In Gioia Live, together with dancer Mara Hulspas, she honours the power of fantasy, dreams of the future and reflects on the past. With dance, video and text, a game unfolds between delusion and reality. Not everything is what it seems. The warm, elusive and powerful movements of Mara and the poetic, humorous and striking reflections of Gioia flow together in an intense performance that celebrates the autonomy of the individual.

Bitter Sweet Dance creates highly physical and slightly absurd performances that penetrate every fibre of the body. BSD undermines clichés, stretches the definition of what is considered 'normal' and makes all that is human tangible. Gioia Live builds on the film documentary Gioia that Liat Waysbort made with Laura Stek in 2019 and that was nominated for the Gouden Kalf for short documentaries.

choreography: Liat Waysbort
co-creation & performance: Gioia Norina Melody Fiorito & Mara Hulspas
artistic associate & dramaturgy: Annette van Zwoll
coaching & text advice: Grainne Delaney
lighting design & technical production: Maarten van Dorp
music: Guido Verwer
film images:
Ton Peters nsc

business manager: Marten Oosthoek
production: Sabine Oldenburg
marketing & publicity: Maaike Tjepkema
thanks to: Laura Stek, Witfilm, NTR, BAU Amsterdam
financially supported by: Performing Arts Fund NL,  Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Fonds21, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds and BNG Cultuurfonds


Theater Bellevue, Amsterdam
Fr 2 July 2021 (première)
Sat 3 July 2021
Sun 4 July 2021

Festival Boulevard
De Bosch
Fri 20 Aug 2021
Sat 21  Aug 2021 (2 times)
Sun 22 Aug 2021

Thu 9 Sep 2021

Wed 15 Sep 2021

Corrosia, Theater, Expo & Film
Thu 28 sep 2021

Theater Rotterdam
Sat 30 oct 2021

Theater aan het Vrijthof
Wed 3 nov 2021

Theater Ins Blau
Thu 11 nov 2021

Plein Theater
Sun 13 feb 2022

Den Haag
Thu 24 feb 2022

Café Belcampo (OBA De Hallen)
Sun 27 feb 2022



Gioia Live | Bitter Sweet Dancephoto: Bart Grietens