Please me Please is a diptych that confronts us with our need to please. In this young, fast and energetic world, society, unconsciously, imposes who we are. Please me Please explores the impact of this need and shows how it refrains us. Liat Waysbort let us discover again, what makes us unique.

In The Solo, dancer Ivan Ugrin embodies the attempt of perfection. Transforming from male to female, from ballet dancer to porn star. How far will he go to please the audience? Who is this person behind this exciting, athletic and deceiving body?

In The Duet, Amy Gale and Angela Linssen explore the meaning of ageing. They give their interpretation of the standard they need to fulfil as ‘older ladies’, by showing us their beauty, history and intimacy.





Choreography – Liat Waysbort,
Dancers – Ivan Ugrin, Amy Gale, Angela Linssen,
Dramaturgy – Annette van Zwoll,
Producer –Bitter Sweet Dance,
Co-Producer – Dansmakers Amsterdam,
Executive Production – Dansmakers Amsterdam,
Production Assistant – Jannita Jáuregui,
Light design / Technique – Mark Thewessen, Edwin van Steenbergen

Acquisition - Jannita Jáuregui (Noralyproduction)
Publicity - Lisa Reinheimer, Lisette Brouwer,
Design / Photography - Marquis Palmer

Special thanks to – Dansateliers
Supported by – Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunsten, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds


Bitter Sweet Dance | Please me Please